Concierge services are not just for the ultra-wealthy!

Busy professionals, families, senior caregivers, new and expectant moms, single parents and more are discovering that a concierge can help them:

  • Save time. Take back your lunch hours, evenings and weekends. Fat Cat will clear off your “to do” list so that you’ll have more time for family, friends and hobbies.
  • Save money. Time away from the office can cost you more money than you save by taking care of projects and chores yourself. Also, when you’re under pressure to get a task done quickly, you can pay way more than if Fat Cat takes the time to shop for the best deals. These are just a couple of ways that Fat Cat can save you money.
  • Reduce stress. Fat Cat can be your central point of contact – no need to call multiple vendors to get things done.
  • Stop wasting vacation and sick days. No more calling off work to meet a vendor at your house, or to spend the day handling a backlog of errands.
  • Travel worry-free. When you travel, we can take care of details like watering plants, bringing in the mail and much more so that you can have a stress-free trip. We provide peace of mind whether you’re on a short business trip, a vacation, or going south for the winter months.
  • Gain respite from care giving responsibilities. Caring for a senior relative can be all-consuming. Caregivers need to take a break and recharge. Fat Cat can help by running errands, assisting with downsizing and more.
  • Ease into parenthood. Fat Cat can be a big help to exectant parents, especially moms on bedrest! We can also help new parents with groceries, errands, buying and returning gift registry items and more.
  • Preserve privacy. If you need help, but don’t like asking relatives, Fat Cat is trustworthy and discreet.

  • Find more time for family, friends, travel, work and hobbies.

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